Why People Don’t Buy the Electric Van?

Electric vans are proved to be useful vehicles for businesses in urban areas. They are made as an alternative to diesel-based vans. These vans are facilitating more cheaply with a clean and quiet drive. In the UK the number of these electric vans is rapidly growing. Cheapest van lease deals in the UK companies are providing these vans in a reasonable leasing amount. These cheap van leasing UK companies are getting good sales of these vans.

People, who are well aware of the benefits of using these cars are buying them and getting benefits from them. On the other hand, many of the people lack this awareness and are not trusting on these electric vans.

There are the following reasons that people are not buying electric vans.

Slow Charging Time

It takes a long time to charge a van. The charging speed varies according to the brand of the van and it also depends upon the quality of the charger. People prefer to buy a simple diesel-based van than that of an electric van because it takes a few minutes to get the van ready for driving in case of the diesel-based van.

Moreover, the quality of charging is improving as technology grows.

Photo by Wesley Armstrong on Unsplash

High Price

Electric vans are more expensive than that of gas-powered vans. People, therefore, don’t prefer to buy them.

But if you look at their overall cost, you’ll come to know that these vans will cost you much less per mile as electricity is much cheaper than gas.

Moreover, you can also buy a second-hand car because these cars are not much expensive as compared to the new ones.

Batteries Lost Their Capacities

One of the most common reasons for mistrust of people on these vans is their battery problem. Some models are not providing good quality of batteries at the beginning which leads to this mistrust.

Fire Hazards

Due to some horrifying incidents of Fire hazards of electric vans people don’t trust to buy these vans.

On the other hand, if you look at gas-based vans you’ll see the same case with those cars.

Lack of Availability

Electric vans are not easily available. There are some specific states where these vans are available for now. California is most important for the availability of these vehicles. So we can say that lack of availability of these vans is also a reason for their less sale.

High Electric Bill

However, electricity is cheaper as compared to gas but for charging electric vans, it takes a lot of electricity. This is the view of some people.

Now we will talk about the reality. As we know, Prices of electricity vary from state to state. But in the most expensive states, using electricity vans is 50% cheaper than that of gas-based vans.

These are some basic reason due to which people don’t buy electric vans. We can also consider some of these reasons as stereotypes about these vans. This is due to the lack of awareness of this technology.




William L. Padilla is a creative writer and content strategist from CreativeCommons. I am a graduate of the University of London.

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William L. Padilla

William L. Padilla

William L. Padilla is a creative writer and content strategist from CreativeCommons. I am a graduate of the University of London.

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